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Wizarding World Weed

Posted By on Saturday, June 20th, 2020

Dear Lola,

Like lots of people, my girlfriend and I are bored AF. We’re watching a Harry Potter marathon.

She thinks she is a Ravenclaw, but I’m sure I’m a Hufflepuff.

Are we doomed?

Also, we’ve been smoking lots of weed.

Are we high?

–Hufflepuff Pride


Dear Hufflepuff,

The fact that you are both high and bored comes through quite clearly in your letter.

You probably meant this letter as spoofy, good fun. I get that. Many of us have been using drinking, smoking, and binge watching as coping mechanisms.

I’m also a pretty strong believer of in vino veritas, by which I mean that I see a real concern in your message. When you sober up, I strongly recommend that you and your girlfriend have a serious talk about what you do and do not have in common and how you think that affects your relationship and what it might mean for the future.

I’m rooting for you because I very much believe that opposites can love and live with each other in happiness and because I am also a Hufflepuff.


Barbara Boehm Miller
Fiction Writer and Creator of the Character, Lola Rolls

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